Camcorder Guerillas'


MARCH 7-9, GLASGOW, INDYMEDIA SCOTLAND is planning a weekend event for Scotland's "camcorder guerillas", bringing together radical underground film-makers with activists who want to know more about how the alternative media work and how Indymedia and political film-makers can be of use in political campaigning. 

The weekend is an introduction to Camcorder Activism and includes a number of screenings, workshops and social events.

Screenings will include ‘Seeing Is Believing: Handicams Human Rights And The News’ a timely documentary exploring the political and social uses of new video technology (film-maker Katerina Cizec will be attending), it will be screening along-with the latest Indymedia European Newsreel, ‘Drowned Out’a powerful film about an Indian family who decide to stay at home and drown rather than make way for the Narmada Dam (director Franny Armstrong will be attending) and ‘Blue Vinyl’a hard-hitting yet hilariously entertaining feature-length documentary about industrial poisoning. (film-makers Judith Helfand and Daniel Gold will be attending and taking a masterclass on creating films for a wider public)

Workshops will take place throughout Saturday and Sunday at The Glasgow Media Access Centre and MONO café/bar. Participants will be taught how to work a camera, edit and out-put their film/material onto tape or disc and will construct a micro-video which will be streamed on the internet and screened at the GFT on Sunday night. There will be discussions on filming actions, occupations and events, issues around your rights and the law, getting your footage onto the mainstream media and a how to create films for a wider public. The workshops will be hosted by Paul O’Connor from Undercurrents, film-maker’s Franny Armstrong, Katerina Cizec, Judith Helfand, Daniel Gold as well as local film-makers, video artist’s and activists.

There will also be a party on Saturday night with food, local V-J’s and D-J’s.

For booking forms and further information please contact Gmac (Glasgow Media Access Centre) on 0141 553 2620 or by post: Gmac, 3rdFloor, 34 Albion Street, Glasgow, G1 1LH.
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The weekend is a collaboration between Indymedia, Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow Media Access Centre and is supported by The Glasgow Film Office and the Canadian High Commission

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