Beyond Capitalism: Michael Albert (ZNet) on tour through Scotland

After speaking at the Edinburgh Bookfair about Parecon, the model of a Participatory Economy, Michael Albert will speak on Thursday and Friday in Glasgow. Michael Albert is presenting his new book "Realizing Hope:Life beyond Capitalism" about how Parecon would influence various sectors of society. Talks in Glasgow: - Against Neo-Liberalism: A Vision for the Future at Glasgow University, Glasgow 2.00pm 19 Oct 2006 - Against Neo-Liberalism: A Vision for the Future, Strathclyde University 7:00 PM, 19 Oct 2006 - Realizing Hope : Life Beyond Capitalism at Glasgow College of Art, Glasgow 10.30 am 20 Oct 2006 —- This 20 min audio gives a short introduction to the Parecon model. It was recorded at the Edinburgh Radical and Independent Bookfair on Saturday, 14th of October at around 11 am. —- Michael Albert's Blog: ZNet: —-




Quick info on tonight's event

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* Venue: McCance 1 University of Strathclyde Glasgow Scotland


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The audio is also available here: