Independence First, the Referendum campaign have launched a petition for a referendum on independence through the Scottish Parliament's E-petitioning system.
Independence First
Neil Caple
The petition reads as follows: Petition by Neil Caple (National Convenor), on behalf of Independence First, calling for the Scottish Parliament to consider and debate what moves it could make to ensure the early presentation of a referendum on self determination to the people of Scotland. Mr Caple commented: "Recent opinion polls have indicated that there is a growing wish amongst the people who live in Scotland for Scotland to take control of her destiny and become Independent." "Independence First, which is a non-party political organisation, would like to hear your views and we would like you to sign our petition in support of holding a referendum on independence as soon as possible." The petition is available at the Scottish Parliament web site here Mr Caple added: "Please sign this petition and pass this address on." Independence First are having a march and rally on the 30th of September. More information is available on their website: