M.A.D. Pro-War Demonstration

Militarism Always Delivers, the pro-war pressure group comprised of distinguished politicians and big-business leaders, joined the pro-military rally in Aberdeen on Saturday morning to welcome the Highlanders regiment back from their highly profitable war in Iraq. They marched with the parade through Union Street and made their support for the troops known during the ‘Freedom of the City’ ceremony, stopping to play ‘Risk’, the game of world domination, during the ceremony. Former soldiers and current servicemen met for a “Freedom of the City� march through Aberdeen streets on Saturday. Former soldiers who had marched through Aberdeen in 1949 to receive the “Freedom of the City� award did so again, watched by about a thousand Aberdeen shoppers and many hundreds of pro-army supporters. The Gordon Highlanders had marched down Union Street 57 years ago to celebrate the regiment receiving the freedom of the city. The same award has been conferred upon the regiment’s successor - the Royal Regiment of Scotland, dubbed the new Scottish ‘Super Regiment’. The new regiment was created when Scotland's six army regiments were controversially merged into one. During their time in Iraq, the troops were based in Basra and Al Amarah where they assisted in the training of the Iraqi Security Forces as well as performing other important security and counter insurgency operations, and generally helping ensure that Iraq’s vast natural resources are secure and available for foreign investment, and maintaining Anglo-Saxon hegemony in the Middle East. Militarism Always Delivers, the pro-war pressure group took to the streets to welcome the regiment to the most beautiful coastal city in the north east. The M.A.D. bloc marched behind the troops, struggling to keep up with the fast paced marching, breathing in the dirty sweet fumes from the tanks and police trucks, holding a banner that stated the name of the group: “Militarism Always Delivers!� and holding placards that said “Cut Welfare, Buy More Bombs!� “War is the Health of the State�, and “Power Grows out of the Barrel of a Gun�. They then joined the parade at the Castlegate in the City Centre for the conferral ceremony. As we arrived at the Castlegate the Communists moved their table ten metres away from us. M.A.D gave ‘Deception Dollars’ to members of the public including children and old people, and then sat down to play an exciting ‘Risk’ (the game of world domination) on the granite flagstones, while the prestigious military ceremony took place. During the game of Risk, there were speeches from the English commander of the regiment, and from their American Chaplain, both congratulating the Regiment on their fine work in Iraq, helping bring stability, peace and democracy to the bomb scarred region. The British National Anthem was played near the end, to which one MAD member broke out into song, singing along to “God save our Queen!� Afterward, the M.A.D pro-war demonstrators took again to the streets and joined the military parade. They were confused and dismayed to be mistaken by members of the public for ‘hippies’, and received much heckling and shouting from the crowds. One man shouted “Get a job you hippies� despite the fact that we were all executives from Big Oil, shareholders in arms manufacturers and renowned political leaders. Another man asked us “would you have done this in Nazi Germany?� and a traffic warden said that “we should be ashamed of ourselves�. Some MAD people shouted back “war is good for the economy!�. One elderly man told us authoritatively that the British army had done many good things for us, to which a M.A.D supporter replied “yes, especially colonialism!� We were subsequently stopped by two police women who told us that we were having an “unauthorised march� and were posing a “safety hazard�. One MAD member reminded the police that we were supporting the troops and marching with them. To which they replied that we should put away our banner. We agreed, and then kept marching down the street with our banner proudly outstretched. We later realised that they were probably wanting to be bribed with ‘deception dollars’ like we had done with the children and old people, but we will know for next time. We were pleased to see that the Army had not held back in using the event for recruitment; there was a big recruitment stand outside Marks & Spencers, and there were posters advertising a career in the Scottish regiment on the sides of those sexy Armoured Personnel Vehicles, otherwise known as tanks. The under 18’s did not miss out on helping the army, and were there in force to give a hand by distributing Scottish flags to passers by. M.A.D. encountered four well-known Aberdeen alcoholics a little further down the street who, much to our consternation, mistook us for anti-war protesters - shouting “Fuck Bush�, “We hate Tony Blair� at us and telling us “well done�. Despite this, M.A.D. was generally very impressed by Aberdeen’s level of patriotic support for war and militarist solutions to foreign policy problems. 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