IMC G8 Newsblast - Sat 2nd July - Collected Reports

Collected reports from G8 protests and events on Saturday 2nd July 2005 G8 INDYMEDIA NEWSBLAST SATURDAY 2nd JULY #v1.0 ================== PRECIS: Over 200,000 demonstrators from very different backgrounds joined the massive Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh. The organisers had called for people to wear white clothes and the majority did with a 'white band' snaking around the centre of Edinburgh. Throughout the day speeches and performances were held in the Meadows which had several huge themed areas. Queues were the order of the day, for water, for food from the burger bars, and for marching itself. The march was set up with staggered starting times, but because of the number of people and the tiny exit of the Meadows rally area, those who wanted to start marching at 1pm were still waiting to leave as it neared 4pm. Many left to get coaches without marching. Many estimates put the numbers at around 225,000 or more, despite much of the media reporting just 100,000 for most of the day. Before the start of the official march, residents of Craigmillar, the most deprived area of Edinburgh and location of the Council provided G8 Campsite, joined with anti-G8 protestors to march through the local estate to show their opposition to poverty here and abroad. During the afternoon an anti-capitalist block broke away from the main march and was attacked and cordoned off by riot cops. People were held for several hours before being released in threes. Other events happened during or after the official march (and we're not talking about the Live 8 concerts). Faeries moved about the march, as did battalions of the Clown Army and the funny 'Pro-Capitalist Bloc'. Break Dancers gathered in Bristo Square in an event entitled 'Break Poverty'. An impromptu street party on one of the roads closed for the march, with samba and music from the Infernal Noise Brigade, lasted until past midnight. At that point, police moved the party to the nearby Meadows in order to re-open the road, resulting in one arrest. ================== INDYMEDIA UK FEATURE INDYMEDIA IRELAND - FEATURE + PICS Saturday Report Back From Edinburgh MPH Demonstration >> IMC Ireland Phone/Text Blog >> IMC Ireland Blog of Blogs =================== JULY 2nd G8 REPORTS: Geldof's Live Shame Show THE LIMITS OF ‘LIVE 8’ AND THE G8 IN MAKING POVERTY HISTORY Police stop and search pedestrians and cyclists on Forth Road Bridge Unidentifiable Police arrest protestor outside Forest Cafe =================== JULY 2nd GENERAL PICTURES Make Poverty History Weekend Fri & Sat (Compliation of Pics) July 2nd: Images from Anti-G8 activities in Edinburgh G8 Photos from July 2nd Residents and visiting activists march through Craigmillar Indymedia Banner on Forest Road, Edinburgh ===================== MAKE POVERTY HISTORY MARCH AUDIO: Make Poverty History Radio Collaboration: Gael Garcia Bernal on celebrity & activism - actor Pete Postlethwaite - vox pop from the street - Alice Unkono - Tourism Concern -Walden Bello Edinburgh street closure + boarding pics before the make poverty history march First photos of the make poverty history demo in Edinburgh Make Poverty History Demo MPH Photographs Make Poverty History Rally Pics Cool set of MPH Photos Photos of MakePovertyHistory March Anti-Mugabe on the march Views of MPH Rally Clown Army out and about 2nd July Clown Army July 2nd Preparation pics The Clown Army and its (Police) Entourage Extravaganza Police Arrive to Quell Violence in Edinburgh Pics from Edinburgh streets ===================== ANTI-CAPITALIST MARCH REPORTS J2: The View from Inside Police harrasment on Edinburgh Make Poverty History March Heavyhanded police tactics lead to blockade and arrests on Make Poverty History Black bloc march in Edinburgh Police attack - demonstrators S60'd Section 60 Declared Across Edinburgh 'Black Bloc' at an 'End of an Era'? Audio Transcript ===================== ANTI-CAPITALIST MARCH PICTURES Pics of autonomous march attacked by police Pictures of Police Pen in Edingurgh demo Police stopping the anti-capitalist demo at Edinburgh Edinburgh: Police surrounded anticapitalist demo and banned observers Confrontation between anarchist bloc and cops Anti-Capitalist March - Arrival and demonstation pictures Inside the anti-capitalist pen pics Pen-in solidarity photos, 1st July ====================== AUDIO: Anarchist audio interviews from todays G8 protests ====================== OTHER POSTINGS PICS: Break Poverty Party in Bristo Square PICS: Edinburgh Street Parties REPORT: An impression from Stirling Eco-Camp PICS: Stirling Eco-Campsite Convergence (Irish post) ====================== MAKE POVERTY HISTORY DUBLIN DEMO PICS ======================