Video Features from Saturday - g8 style

A summary of some video files that have been uploaded to Indymedia. Arrivals to the g8, street activity, and random good bits of the Saturday 2nd. --// Auchtapalava The SchNEWS team recently went to the village of Auchterada to ask the local population what they thought about the G8 summit comeing to Gleneagles near to their village. --// Sheffield G8 Finance ministers meeting June 2005 This is a edit of a film put together by IMC Nottingham since the G8 demonstrations in Sheffield between the 11th - 17th of June 2005. The G8 was holding a ministers meeting in the city in the run... --// Infernal Noise Brigade. Filmed from on top of a bus stop outside the forest cafe. This is one track in full. Really nice vibe and what a fooking great sound!!! In case you didn't know... The Infernal Noise Brigade is a 15-piece mobile sound ensemble, a hybrid marching band and drum corps, internationally active in the furtherance of popular liberation for five years. this hasn't fully finishe uploading to --// G8 in Edinburg. Watch how the autonmous groups migrate Watch how the lesser spotted autonmous group is at home in it's natural environment, the summit mobilisation. Footage of G8 bike ride, clowns in full fettle [no kettle] and dissent swarming on Edinburg out of their radical trainage. Xvid screening version Also to appear on when it's uploaded. --// Random bits: --// Strange Fence: G8 Leaders Cakes: Cakes with the faces of the leaders of all the countries that didn't get invited to the G8. G8 heads of state: The best kids game ever. Make Consumerism History block: